In The Top 10 Tips To Get Your Baby To Sleep You Will Learn

  • Why sleep needs to be a priority for you and your family
  • Why you must be consistent with what you do
  • Learn what happens if you have too late of a bed time
  • Why you shouldn’t use a sleep prop to help your baby go to sleep… and what will happen if you do introduce a sleep prop
  • Why a late bedtime won’t help put your baby to sleep
  • Can you co-sleep as a quick fix?  Why you shouldn’t use co-sleeping as a fix at all, even when done safely
  • The dangers of co sleeping and why it’s not a quick fix
  • What happens if you miss your baby's optimal sleep window
  • What happens if you keep the baby up late at night … and the reason it won’t work to help your baby sleep
  • What to do just before bedtime to help baby sleep better
  • What to do in the middle of the night, when your baby wakes up
  • Why you shouldn’t feed your baby every time your baby wakes up
  • And More


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